विभागीय सहसंचालक, उच्चशिक्षण, कोल्हापूर विभाग

  • Minister, Higher & Technical Education,Maharashtra State

  • Minister of State, Higher & Technical Education,Maharashtra State

  • Hon.Vikas Chandra Rastogi
    Principal Secretary,Higher & Technical Education Department, Maharashtra State

  • Dr. Shilendra Deolankar
    Director of Higher Education,Maharashtra State, Pune.

Welcome to Regional Joint Director Higher Education

Directorate of Higher Education is the nodal agency sponsored and activated by the Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra. The Directorate is headed by the Director of Higher Education and office is located at Central Building, Pune. There are 10 Regional Joint Directors. The office of the Regional Joint Director, Higher Education, Kolhapur is the controlling office for three districts namely Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara alongwith Shivaji University, Kolhapur. In 1992, Government of Maharashtra bifurcated “Higher & Technical Education Department” from “School Education Department”. The main purpose was to improve the facilities & raise the standards of Higher Education in Arts, Science, Commerce and education streams at Graduation & Post Graduation levels.

Maharashtra University Act 1994 has empowered all the Universities equally, and has enabled them to effectively carry out the responsibilities & more equitable distribution of facilities for higher education to bring about excellence in higher education. The State Government has to play an important role in this as per the clause 8 of this Act.

The office of the Joint Director monitors all administrative and financial aspects of teaching & non-teaching staff of Shivaji University and 133 grant-in-aid colleges in its regional territory.

In addition, this office is controlling following Government organisations / establishments :-
1) Govt. Rajaram College, Kolhapur.
2) Shri Maharani Tarabai Govt College of Education, Kolhapur.
3) Pre IAS Training Centre, Kolhapur.
4) Govt. EBC Gents Hostel, Kolhapur.
5) Office of the Accts Officer, Higher Education Grants, Kolhapur.
6) Govt. EBC Gents Hostel, Budhgaon, Dist. Sangli.

The main purpose of creation of this office is to provide a bridge among the Higher Education Department and Director of Higher Education alongwith Shivaji University, grant in aid colleges and above six Govt. establishments in Kolhapur region.

The main activities of Joint Director, Higher Education, Kolhapur are :-
  • Implementation of Education Policies enacted by Department of Higher Education,Government of Maharashtra.
  • To control & co-ordinate Government colleges & Institutions in its region.
  • For grant-in-aid Colleges : Staff Sanction, Staff Recruitment and Fund Allocation, Salary Disbursement.
  • To recommend new colleges.
  • To recommend all pensionary benefits to Teaching as well as Non-Teaching Staff working in 133 Non-Govt. aided Colleges and Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
  • Teaching / Non-Teaching staff promotions and pay fixations.
  • Assessment of distributed grants for grant in aid work.
  • To monitor working of EBC Hostels.

  • Joint Director, Higher Education, Kolhapur Region,Kolhapur.

Government Of Maharashtra Director of HE Shivaji University निवेदन